Managing Curriculum Innovation in Adult Education in the New South Africa

Williams, Roy
Date of publication: 
Mon, 1996-01-01

SACHED Trust has been involved in the most substantial curriculum development process in adult education in the
country. This has taken place over the past four years, with major donor support from international donors. The
curriculum, called A Secondary Education Curriculum for Adults (ASECA), for adults at junior high school and
senior high school equivalence levels, spans humanities, sciences, English language, and mathematics. The curricula
have been accepted nationally for adult education and are in the second year of implementation. The curricula are taking a lead in implementing innovations in outcomes based education within the new National Qualifications Framework (NQF); integrated multiple-disciplinary courses; appropriate programs for South African adult learners; for distance education delivery; and community based delivery systems. Much of the development and pilot implementation has been completed, and the issues that arise with the implementation of the curricula across all sectors of society is what currently concerns SACHED and the ASECA program, and is the subject of this paper.