Should Reading Disabled Adults Be Distinguished From Other Adults Seeking Literacy Instruction? A Review of Theory and Research

Fowler, Anne E.; Scarborough, Hollis, S.
Date of publication: 
Mon, 1995-04-24


Although both the adult learning disability

community and adult literacy community deal with

adults whose limited reading skills interfere with

daily living, the pedagogical approaches of the two

communities have differed markedly in terms of

traditional assumptions, target population, and

treatment. This report analyzes why the dichotomy

between low literacy and reading disability may not

be as useful as it once was and considers what is to

be gained (or risked) by understanding low literacy

from a reading disability perspective. Specifically

addressed is how recent research on the causes,

diagnoses, and treatment of reading disability in both

children and adults may be applicable to detecting

and working with low-literate adults who may or

may not be reading disabled.