Teacher Perspectives on the Adult Education Profession: National Survey Findings about an Emerging Profession

Sabatini, J.; Daniels, M.; Ginsburg, L.; Limeul, K.; Russell, M.; Stites, R.
Date of publication: 
Tue, 2002-01-01

In recent years, many factors have converged to

steadily increase the momentum toward the

professionalization of adult literacy educators. Improving

the quality of instructional practice in the field of adult

education through the professionalization of practitioners

is seen to be at the core of improving the quality of

instruction in adult programs (Perin, 1999; Shanahan,

Meehan, & Mogge, 1994). As a result of increased

demand on adult education programs, which are being held

to higher standards as measured both by student outcomes

and program quality indicators, many states are investing

in statewide professional development efforts and some are

beginning to experiment with various types of

competency and credentialing mechanisms (Parke, 2000).